Three out of every five children grow up struggling to read. They fall behind in school making them more likely to drop out of high school, hold a low paying job, and live below the poverty level.

Kids Soar provides an after-school literacy program so that children can excel and they can break the cycle of poverty in their families and in our community. Reading gives children the chance for a better future.

We opened up a second Kids Soar location at the Villages at Lincoln so that we can serve more children throughout the Roanoke Valley. We will be painting an 8′ x 25′ mural in one of the common areas at our new location and we are looking for individual and community partners to sponsor this mural. Will you give the gift of reading today by sponsoring the mural at our new Kids Soar location?

1. Sponsor a piece of our mural.

2. We'll color in the element and put your name on it.

3. Give children the chance for a better future.

Sun - $10,000

Cloud - $5,000

(4 available)

Mountain - $1,000

(2 available)

Tree - $500

(9 available)

Rock - $250

(20 available)

Child - $100

(19 available)

Flower - $50

(21 available)

Grass - $10

(Unlimited available)

Kite - $15/month

(20 available)

Sponsor Our Mural