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Reading will Change the World

Our Annual Auction is Back!

At Kids Soar, our focus is on working to end the cycle of poverty by strengthening children and their families through offering literacy and academic education as well as teaching life skills for a successful future.

One of the foundational keys to a child’s successful future is the ability to read. According to ProLiteracy “more than 48 million adults in the United States cannot read, write, or do basic math above a third-grade level. Children whose parents have low literacy levels have a 72% chance of being at the lowest reading levels themselves. These children are more likely to get poor grades, display behavioral problems, have high absentee rates, repeat school years, or drop out.” Yet, reading is crucial for everyday activities such as: grocery shopping, taking medication, completing tasks at work, or driving somewhere new. Unfortunately, a student who can’t read on grade level by 3rd grade is four times less likely to graduate on time than a child who does read proficiently by that time” (American Educational Research Association). In order to give children, the best chance for their future, we need to work with them before they graduate the 3rd grade. In order to give them the best chance for success, we need to empower them for a lifetime.

YOU can help! All proceeds from our auction go to our Literacy Initiative. Just click the link below or go to www.kidsoar.org/auction

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