Reading Gives Children the Chance For a Better Future

Empower the next generation to break the cycle of poverty through literacy

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Reading gives children the chance for a better future.
Give a child the gift of reading.

From about third grade onward, students read to learn instead of learn to read. Having the ability to read at grade level by third grade is vital to children’s education and future.

At Kids Soar, our focus is on working to end the cycle of poverty by strengthening children and their families through offering literacy and academic education as well as teaching life skills for a successful future.

Teaching a child to read is about more than moving from one reading level to the next, it is about empowering children for a lifetime of success: because every child should be able to read!

Three out of every five children grow up struggling to read. They fall behind in school making them more likely to drop out of high school, hold a low-paying job, and live below the poverty line. Kids Soar provides an after-school literacy program so that children can excel and they can break the cycle of poverty in their families and in our community.

 Reading gives children the chance for a better future. Give a child the gift of reading by bidding on a silent auction item today!

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