Kids Soar is excited to announce a new partnership with Windsor Hills UMC!

Kids Soar, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children and their families by reducing poverty and enhancing educational opportunities in Roanoke City, is ready to embrace a new era in the mission it has fulfilled in the community for the last 34 years. While its focus remains Roanoke City, the organization is making a significant move to better serve the community.

Kids Soar has called Trinity United Methodist Church in Southwest Roanoke its home since 1989, carrying out its vital work in the heart of Roanoke City. However, Kids Soar faces a new challenge as Trinity United Methodist Church will merge its congregation with Greene Memorial United Methodist Church and sell the building on Mountain Avenue which has been home to Kids Soar for more than three decades.

Despite this significant change, Kids Soar is excited to announce that it has found a new home and partner in Windsor Hills United Methodist Church. “We are both sad to leave Trinity, where we have had many wonderful years, and excited to embark on a new chapter of our organization’s history with Windsor Hills,” said Candace Hess, Executive Director of Kids Soar. “Our commitment to serving the children and families of Roanoke City remains unwavering, and we believe this transition will allow us to continue and expand our mission.”

Kids Soar will continue to provide services at its Lincoln location, in Northwest Roanoke, ensuring accessibility for the community and further strengthening its partnerships within Roanoke. This new endeavor is a testament to Kids Soar’s dedication to making a substantial impact on the community it serves.

The heart of Kids Soar’s mission remains centered on providing comprehensive support to a diverse, economically disadvantaged population in Roanoke City. Through initiatives like the Literacy Initiative and related services, Kids Soar is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty, improving the lives of residents, and enhancing educational opportunities.

The organization’s unwavering focus on Roanoke City, along with these changes in its operations, reflects its ongoing commitment to addressing the distinct challenges faced by the community. Kids Soar remains dedicated to contributing to positive transformations in the lives of Roanoke City’s residents.


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