is December 1st, 2020

Reading Gives Children The Chance For a Better Future. Give The Gift of Reading Today and Give A Child a Step Up.

Did You Know?

“Reading is the most crucial academic skill because it is the foundation for learning. Through third grade children are learning to read; after third grade students read to learn”

Yet, by the end of 3rd grade, 2 out of every 3 students are not reading on grade level.

When children aren't able to read on grade-level, they fall behind in school making them more likely to drop out of high school, hold a low paying job, and live below the poverty level. No child should have their future limited because they can't read.

But, you can help.

When you support children through our program, you're not just supporting them for a day or week. You are supporting them for a lifetime. You're giving children a step up that will empower their future.