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Hello everyone! This month we started a new post series, Little Free Library Fridays, to highlight one of the many ways that Kids Soar is involved in promoting literacy in our community. Every year, Kids Soar re-distributes hundreds of donated books to our partner organizations. We were inspired by Little Free to “Take a book, share a book.” Or in our case, sharing many, many books.

If you live in Roanoke, you’ve probably seen a little bookshelf that looks like a birdhouse on a post, or an old newspaper machine while walking or driving around town. If you haven’t, you’ll probably notice them more and more now that you know they exist.

If the library is “official,” it will have a plaque with a charter number and information regarding the donor, year it was established, and who is in charge of taking care of it. This person is called a steward, and each Little Free Library one. Stewards can decide whether they want to register their library on the Little Free Library World Map ( Because this process is voluntary, not all of the Little Free Libraries in our area are visible on the map.

A typical #littlefreelibraryfriday post will consist of an overview of the library’s contents, a photo of the books that we are leaving, and a few featured books that we think would be worth taking home with you. We won’t be taking any books unless they are damaged or the library is full. If you would like us to visit one of these libraries that is not listed, let us know! If a library is particularly low on books, let us know and we can make sure it get fully stocked.

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